About PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium

PGECons’ Mission Statement

PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium (PGEcons) is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting PostgreSQL in production use, especially in mission critical area, through activities including collecting, providing, and consolidating information on PostgreSQL and its various software tools, in order to make PostgreSQL applicable for enterprise information systems.

What we do

Open source software is widely used to deliver reliable and inexpensive information system infrastructures. Databases have an important part in information systems and PostgreSQL, an open source database, is widely utilized in such infrastructures.

However, it is essential that the technical knowledge and skills of not PostgreSQL itself alone, but also the related software tools centering on systems operation are shared among the entire IT industry, and improved continuously for production use, especially in mission critical area.

PGECons was founded aiming at promoting PostgreSQL with building an ecosystem centering around open source software. Our widely and greatly experienced founder companies bring along their technical knowledge and skills beyond business barriers, and fill the gaps with their commercial software where open source lacks.

Consolidating and delivering information

Consolidating information on proven related software tools that our member companies have experience of installing, and delivering such information through seminars and conferences.

Collaborative verification

In cases where enough information to apply PostgreSQL and/or software tools to production use in enterprise area can not be obtained, PGECons performs necessary verification collaboratively by using resources provided by our member companies.

Providing feed back to the development community

Presenting the summarizing of technical issues and problems and report of requests to the development community in order to make PostgreSQL applicable to production use in mission critical area.

Supporting development projects

Contributing to the promotion of PostgreSQL in enterprise area by developing necessary functions collaboratively among the PGECons members to enhance PostgreSQL, and by supporting development projects of related software tools necessary to expand the use of PostgreSQL.

Members list